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Moving Truck Rental

Auman Motor Company is also a U-Haul dealer. We have trucks, trailers and tow dollies availble for your moving needs.

  • U Haul Truck Rentals
  • U-Haul Sales and Service
  • Patented EZ-Load Ramp
  • Each of our trucks has towing capability
  • 15,000 convenient locations to help you along the way
  • Let Us Handle Your Moving Needs

More Space

Compared to other moving vans, U-Haul trucks have the most capacity in the industry. Our exclusive 26 foot Super Mover is 13% larger than our nearest competitor. You can store 60 more medium-size boxes in a U-Haul truck than other moving trucks. You won't have to make a second trip when you choose us.

U Haul Sales

In addition to rental services, we also offer sales of U Haul Equipment. Interested parties can inquire at our office.

Car Inspection Station

Best rates and service. Local Uhaul dealer
710 East Fairfield
High Point, NC 27263

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